About Us


Surat Hira Bourse (SHB) is the premier and only Customs Clearance Centre for precious cargo (Diamond, Jewellery, Gold and Silver etc) in Surat City. Surat Hira Bourse's main objective is to provide Export/Import services to Diamond & Jewellery Trade of Surat area. It was started in year 1994 and since then it has been providing uninterrupted services to Diamond and Jewellery manufactures of Surat City for last several decades. SHB enables Trade to export and import of precious cargo from Surat city itself.

It was promoted by Diamond & Gem Development Corporation Ltd, who is also the promoter of Surat Special Economic Zone, the first Private Sector Special Economic Zone in India.

Promoter of this company is Mr. Praveen Sharma who is assisted by a team of professionals.


To create, stimulate and enhance all diamond, Gem & Jeweelery trade activities in Surat, by Offering efficient services to industry Stakeholders by :

  • Providing, regulating and maintaining a facility for Precious Cargo Bourse

  • Fostering just and equitable trade principles

  • Establishing and promoting industry-wide standards of disclosure

  • Disseminating accurate and reliable information

  • Cooporating with governmental agencies, corporations, persons and partnerships to the betterment of ethical and economic conditions

  • And, carrying out the activities and objectives of the organization in accordance with the laws